Sunday, December 15, 2013

Advent Calendar Day 15

I've been preparing packages for the post - prizes for winners -  so now I need to add two more names to those because my last prize was to give away two copies of The Konstantos Marriage.

It's taken some time to get Charlie in to pick the winners. The weather actually brightened and he was out enjoying the sunshine (cold sunshine - but at least it was bright and dry) and so he didn't want to come indoors at all - not even for cat treats!

Anyway, he's come back in for a short visit and has picked the two winners for me - they are:

Ladies  - you know the drill, please email me with your postal addresses and I'll get your book in the mail to you.

So how are you all doing with your Christmas preparations? I have  a tree. Some crackers. Some stocking to fill and the little gifts to fill them.  Parcels overseas have been sent (apart from prizes!) , cards written and posted - except for the couple of people I forgot!  I lost my  list of names and addresses  - I had it on my computer and a computer blip meant that it was corrupted and so this year I had to start all over again. I know there will still be some one  who  I've not got on the new list - but I'm hoping that if a card arrives from an unlisted sender, I will have some cards left over - and  can add their name to my new list.

What about you?  Are you still writing lists of things to do?  Still got gifts to buy? Cards to send? Or are you like some incredibly organised people and have it all done and dusted now? I have a sister who often buys
Christmas gifts in  July - in the sales! If I did that, then I'd put the presents I'd bought somewhere 'safe' - and forget where I've hidden them.

So tell me about how organised you are so I can be envious - or make me feel happily smug that I'm doing
better than you.

Today's giveaway is  another of those 3 in 1 collections - His Suitable Bride
My book in this collection is  Cordero's Forced Bride-

Taken in payment into his bed!
Alexa Montague is mortified. She's had to call off her sister's wedding, and now the ruthless, arrogant groom, Santos Cordero, is demanding that shy, ugly duckling Alexa, takes Natalie's place!
The Montagues have stolen his money and his convenient bride, so Santos will enjoy taking Alexa instead. For Santos does not - cannot - love. But his body burns for Alexa as it has for no other woman before. He'll keep her captive in his bed until she's begging to be his . . .

The other novels in this collection are by Cathy Williams and Abby Green

So post your comments  - let me know how you're doing with your plans and preparations -  or not! And you'll be in with a chance of winning this.


Eli Yanti said...

Yes, sometimes I listed all I want to buy and even I shop one day bf the new year

Laney4 said...

Hi, Kate!
When I read Cordero's Forced Bride, I thought it was written exactly like a romance book was supposed to be written. The pages whipped by quickly because I couldn't read it fast enough. Details were realistic to me. Conversations were a great example of how I thought people SHOULD talk with each other. And all the way through, I wished I was the heroine. Ahhhh, this is what romances are all about....
As for your questions, yes, I still have to-do lists. Yes, I have a few gifts still to buy. Yes, I still have ALL my cards to send (as I haven't finished writing my year-in-review poem to glue inside - it's taking me awhile because my daughter had an ectopic pregnancy, emergency surgery, and lost the baby, and I found it difficult until late last night to make those details rhyme). Yes, I buy in July (and earlier) if I find something on sale that I know can be designated to someone special (either for Christmas or birthdays). And no, I don't lose track of them, as I write a note to put in with the other presents to remind me of where this bigger item is hidden, as yes I DO forget otherwise. Oh! And yes, my grown children know where I hide the presents (high in my closet) and have never (to the best of my knowledge) checked them out ahead of time (as they tumble down quite easily).

Caroline said...

I'm pretty much sorted for Christmas. Most of my prezzies are for youngsters who either want money or vouchers! Hope you have a great Christmas, Kate.

bn100 said...

Pretty much done for the holidays

Kaelee said...

You are doing way better than I am. I still have a few cards to get mailed off and I still have presents to buy. I'm so disorganized this year. We pick names in our family and the person I got is so hard to buy for. I will have to venture forth to a mall and actually look in the stores instead of just mall walking for exercise. I don't know when I grew to hate shopping as I used to love it so much.

GladysMP said...

We go all out for Christmas so there are always many things to do. We did take one night out to drive around our subdivision and the subdivision next to ours to observe the Christmas lights in yards. It was fun. These two subdivisions do a lot of decorating and the yards are judged in different categories. Last year our son got the award for best use of lights. This year's winners will be announced in the next day or so.

Mary Preston said...

I'm pretty much all organized. I'm the kind of person who shops all year. I actually have a "present" cupboard. It's a bit like Aladdin's cave. After Christmas it's rather bare though, but then come the Boxing Day sales to help fill it up again.


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